About NRCD

 National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (NRCD) is a national organization conducting provision of medical care and welfare services, development of new technologies and assistive products, research contributing to national policies, human resources development of professionals and international cooperation to support independent life and social participation of persons with disabilities. NRCD has six departments: Hospital, Rehabilitation Services Bureau, Research Institute, College, Department of Planning and Information, and Department of Administration.
 NRCD was established in 1979. The needs for NRCD have changed in accordance with the subsequent social changes. In order to adapt to the changes in social needs, the function of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled was restructured to be an organization focusing on full range of disabilities, and the center was renamed “National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities” in 2008.
 NRCD aims at being an updated organization in addition to supporting persons with disabilities, especially persons with severe disabilities which is hardly supported by ordinary methods and facilities; while adapting to new needs, research contributed to the national disabilities measures and international cooperation on disabilities and rehabilitation. One of the features of this center is the various comprehensive and cooperative implementations between departments such as Hospital, Rehabilitation Services Bureau, Research Institute and College.
 We actively provide outcomes of advanced and specific activities for future development of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

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