The National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (NRCD) supports persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Japan for their independence and social participation. Under an organized system, the NRCD provides a variety of rehabilitation services from medical care to vocational training. These services include advanced and comprehensive health, medical and welfare programs to help people recover and maintain their overall living functions. The NRCD also works as the core institution for research and development of rehabilitation technologies and assistive products as well as for education and training of rehabilitation professionals.
 To contribute to promote scientific evidence-based medical and welfare programs, the NRCD conducts assessment and analysis of information such as clinical data related to specific disabilities. All our divisions work together to offer user-oriented services and are dedicated to realizing the next generation of rehabilitation. The NRCD continues R&D activities using the latest scientific resources and steady efforts to reduce functional limitations of PWDs and develop their abilities.

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