Persons with Physical Disabilities

Those who are not in need of medical treatment or medical rehabilitation can be admitted directly to the Training Center.

    Medical services for physically disabled persons are provided in the Hospital.

    Training Center provides various training aiming toward vocational and social independence as well as the cultivation of social adaptability. Trainees are generally required to live in a dormitory. Their lives in and out of the Training Center are supervised by social workers.

    • Guidance and Evaluation
      After put in the Guidance and the Evaluation, send in the various inspection results for the Evaluation Conference.

    • Evaluation Conference
      An individual rehabilitation program is set up after the Evaluation Conference consisting of doctor, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, remedial gymnast, speech therapist, auditory trainer, psychologist, vocational evaluator, prevocational and vocational instructor, social worker and other staff.

    According to the conclusion reached by the Evaluation Conference, trainees are placed in one of three courses with the goal being re-entry into society.

    • General Rehabilitation Course
      Programs are provided to develop occupational capabilities and work adjustment skills through vocational training such as office automation equipment, laundry, assembly works, and handicrafts. Driving lessons are also provided.

    • Training course for Independent Living
      This is a 6 month's course for persons with visual disability to improve their independence and social adaptability by mobility, communication training and training of daily living. Writing & reading study and sign language training are provided to persons with auditory disability.

    • Special Career Course for Visually Disabled Persons
      For persons with visual disability, special education is given to obtain eligibility for license of massage, acupuncture and moxibustion.

    Trainee who have a possibility for vocational training in specialized skills may receive technical vocational training at the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, established by the Ministry of Labor in the same compound as that of NRCD.

    Work preparation and vocational training are provided to those persons having potential and aptitude for getting a job in the open labor market. Those who have finished the training are placed in industry by support of the Public Employment Security Office.

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