Training Center

Title of course General Rehabilitation Course Training Course for Independent Living Special Career Course
Capacity 330 trainees 40 trainees 210 trainees
Eligibility Persons with physical,
auditory, visual and other
Persons with visual disability. Persons with visual disability.
  • Those over 15 years of age who are issued the physically disabled persons'certificate and have finished compulsory education. Those with severe mental disability or with infectious disease are excluded.
and term of
Machinery, Machinery drawing, Electric and Electronic, Metal work, Weaving, Knitting, Machine Sewing, Tole paint, Plate making for printing, Office automation equipment, Laundry, Driving training, Sign language, Functional training.
(up to 2 years)
Mobility training, Training of daily living, Low vision training and Communication training.
Education to obtain "the massage, acupuncture and moxibustion" license.
(3years or 5years)
  • Those who want to get in Training Center need to apply to welfare office or your town (village) office.
  • Please ask of details to Division of Psychology and Rehabilitation Management of the Center.
  • According to the individual and domestic incomes, a part of the expenses are paid by the trainee. (It is free of charge for those whose income is below the certain level)

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