Stenopcon(STENograph OPerated speech CONverter)System

----- Communication with the Hearing Impaired by Real Time Speech-character Conversion Using Phonographic Typewriting System

[Stenopcon(Stenograph operated speech converter system) is hear.]
The sign language and hand-writing on OHP are generally used for the communication of Japanese speech to hearing impaired. However, difficulties have peen pointed out on the transmission of detailed information and standardized Japanese sign language. As one solution to this problem, we have developed a phonographic typewriting system which can display the Japanese conversation to the hearing impaired without delay and abridgment. It is possible to express delicate and subtle expression by this system. It comprises of 21 keys which are permitted to be pressed simultaneously in any combination. A word is expressed by a code generated by a combination of the keys. Personal computer translates the received code into Japanese word and displays on OHP, video projector or TV monitor immediately. The hearing impaired who experimentally read the Japanese conversation by this system evaluated that it is easier to understand the contents of speech than by the sign language. The typist can operate this system for a long time without rest. It can also be used as a high speed typing keyboard of word processing system or personal computer.