Project Goal

The goal of this project is to develop an interactive information support system that provides, easy-to-understand, and reliable information about their day-to-day activities accurately.
The intended users would be elderly and persons with dementia those suffering from memory loss, cognitive decline and so on, who do not have easy and/or constant access to a caregiver, and require information support.

Within the next several years

Within the next several years, we hope to develop PaPeRo to the level where it can perform its role like in the following examples:

Taking medicine at home


Yes, PaPeRo?

How was your lunch?

Oh, quite delicious today.

Please don't forget to take your blood pressure medicine, you're supposed to take it after your meal.

Oh, that's right, yes.

Thank you, if you could please.

Mary is looking a bit confused

Mary, is there something I can help with?

You know, I'm looking for Taro, my oldest son. Now where could he have gone to...

Oh I see. Taro is living in Tokyo now, because of his job.

Oh is that so...

He said that he'll come by to visit soon.

Oh my, really? I wonder when.

He said that he'll come by to visit this Saturday. It's Wednesday today, so that means in three days.

Okay, in three days, I see.