Tsuyoshi  Nakayama

Investigator, Mechatronics Section, Department of Rehabilitation Engineering

Research Area:
      Rehabilitation Engineering
        - Study of supporting people with higher brain dysfunctions.
        - A supporting system on toiletry activities of people with spinal cord injuries.
        - A communication device for people with hearing impaired.
        - Services on fitting and assessment of assistive technologies, especialy seating systems.

Member of:
      The Society of Life Support Technology
      Japan Society of Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering
      Rehabilitation Engineering Society of Japan
      Robotics Society of Japan
      Japanese Society of for Precision Engineering

      Department of Rehabilitation Engineering
      Research Institute
      National Rehabilitation Center for persons with Disabilities
      Namiki 4-1, Tokorozawa, Saitama, 359-8555, Japan
      TEL: +81-4-2995-3100 ext. 2569
      FAX: +81-4-2995-3132
      E-mail: nakayama-tsuyoshi [at mark] rehab.go.jp

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