Nationwide survey On the status of speech training for children with cochlear implants and development of a method of hearing and speech training

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<Principal Researcher>
Shibata, Sadao M.D.,
National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled (Advisor)

<Team Leaders>
Funasaka, Sotaro M.D.,
   The Children's Center (Tokyo)(The Head)

Nakajima, Yasoichi M.D.,
  National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, Research Institute
(Director: Dept. of Sensory and Communicative Disorders)

Tokumitsu, Hiroko M.D.,
Fujimidai Auditory Center for Hearing-Impaired Children (Director)

Kawano, Atsushi M.D.,
Tokyo Medical University (Assistant Professor: Dept. of Otolaryngology)