Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled (NRCD)



Research Projects


Mechanisms underlying human bipedal locomotion

n Neural control underlying human gait and posture

n Biomechanical analysis of normal and pathological gait

n Characterize adaptive/Learning components underlying bipedal locomotion

n Development of novel rehabilitation approaches to facilitate recovery after central nervous system disorders


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Mechanisms underlying human upright standing posture

n Neural mechanisms underlying human upright standing posture

n Postural-related modulation of the corticospinal and spinal reflex pathway




Reorganization/plasticity due to CNS disorder and chronic pain

n Neural mechanisms underlying phantom limp pain

n Potential usefulness for the use of prosthesis for phantom limb pain



n Capacity of sensory perception and motor control in patients with congenital insensitivity to pain (CIPA)



Development of evidence-based novel approach/device/tool

n Functional 3-finger prosthesis "FINCH" for forearm amputees

             Functional hand_Finch.jpg  Finch.jpg        

n Real-time feedback postural control system "BASYS"

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n Novel reahbilitation approach and quantitative evaluation for patients with unilateral spatial neglect (USN)



Other ongoing project...

n Potential usefulness of aqua-therapy as a therapeutic tool for patients with spinocerebellar degeneration (SCD) and parkinson's disease (PD)

n Attempt to establish precise measurement of under-water activity with infrared 3D motion anaysis system