Research and development of brain-computer interface technology

A long-lasting core project of the SNS laboratory is to develop “B-assist”, or a brain-computer interface device for assisting people with severe neuromuscular disorders in daily communication and life settings.

By online analyzing brain waves recorded from the scalp, the B-assist system allows those people to handle everyday objects and home appliances without any body movement.

この技術を利用した生活環境制御システム (BMI-ECS)の実用化、インテリジェントハウスの構築などに取り組んでいます。


Neuromodulation research for cognition and behavior

Our new interest is to utilize brain imaging technology for further boosting therapeutic effects obtained with conventional rehabilitation methods. Specifically, .this neuromodulaton research aims at developing novel learning/training methods for guiding human cognitive and behavioral functions by using neural signals recorded from fMRI, MEG and EEG.

By deepening our knowledge and understanding about behavioral and neural  in neurological disorders.