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lecture at the 64th Symposium hosted by the Robotics Society of Japan
announcement at AAATE (Assistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive Environments,)
1) Field-based Development of an Information Support Robot for Persons with Dementia
2) Practical Evaluation Protocol for New Assistive Technology for Elderly with Cognitive Impairment
talk at the Fall Meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan
announcement at 26th SICE Symposium on Biological and Physiological Engineering
poster at the Japanese Society for Dementia Care
announcement at the Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition
announcement at Speech Committee of IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
announcement at Society of Tokyo Ocupational Therapy
lecture at HOSPEX Japan 2011
announcement at International Robot Exhibition 2011
announcement at Tokorozawa City office - Disabled Person's Week
announcement at public presentation of Research Institute of the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities

Mass Media

  1. 2010/09/06
    Nikkei Online Newspaper - "Supporting the Elderly with Conversation: The Day Robots Become Family"
  2. 2010/09/25
    Yomiuri Newspaper, p. 37 - "Livelihood Support Robo" illust
  3. 2010/09/27
    "Minomonta no Asa zuba!" on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) Television
  4. 2010/10/24
    Asahi Newspaper, p. 38 - "Development of a Support Robot for Persons with Dementia"
  5. 2010/11/06
    Interview with project members from NRCD and Seikatsu Kagaku Un-Ei Co.,Ltd. regarding our livelihood support robots, on the 6:00-7:00 broadcast of R1 NHK Radio
  6. 2010/11/21
    Report on our livelihood support robots on the annual "24 Hour Television" special on Nippon Television Network Corp., during the 5:40-5:45 segment.
  7. 2011/01/04
    Yomiuri Newspaper Evening Paper - "A Robot that Supports Persons with Dementia"
  8. 2011/04/21
    Nikkei Newspaper Evening Paper - "Mobilization of Robots to Hospitals and Care Facilities - Incorporating Patients' Needs into Implementation"


Misato Nihei, Takuya Narita, Rina Ishiwata, Minoru Onoda, Motoki Shino, Hiroaki Kojima, Shinichi Ohnaka, Yoshihiro Fujita, Minoru Kamata, Takenobu Inoue, Development of an Interactive Information Support System for Persons with Dementia, 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with DisabilitiesConference, 2011.
Takenobu INOUE, Rina ISHIWATA, Ryohei SUZUKI, Takuya NARITA, Minoru KAMATA, Motoki SHINO, and Masashi YAOITA, Development by a Field-Based Method of a Daily-Plan Indicator for Persons with Dementia,Assistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive Environments, P.L. Emiliani et al.(Eds.),IOS Press, AAATE 2009, pp. 364-368.