• Interacting with the Robot

Interacting with the Robot

Profile of PaPeRo

The PaPeRo R500 (aka "PaPeRo") is a small, lightweight robot that, for the purpose of engaging in conversation with people, speaks with synthesized voices, recognizes people's faces and voices, and even reacts to touch.

Height:38.5 cm
Width:28.2 cm
Depth:25.1 cm
Weight:6.5 kg
Principal Features
Facial Recognition:
PaPeRo can remember people's faces.
Noise-resistant Voice Recognition:
PaPeRo can recognize the voice of the person with whom it is speaking with.
Touch Sensor:
PaPeRo has 9places on its body that can detect touch.
PaPeRo has been designed with safety in mind, to avoid causing injury to those interacting with it.

For more details, see the attached PDF file :
PaPeRo the Talking Robot     (pdf file)

Examples of Interactions with PaPeRo

Here are some examples of how PaPeRo interacts with the people around it.

I'm Mary Tanaka, I'm a retiree living by myself, at home.

I'm PaPeRo, I hope we get along well.

Preparing for heading out to the seniors' daycare facility


Yes, PaPeRo?

Staff of the daycare will be here to pick you up soon.

Oh dear, is it time already?

Before heading out, how about going to the bathroom?

Okay sure, I'll be right back.

Thank you, if you could please.


Responding to the doorbell

*doorbell rings*


(Mary is watching the television and doesn't hear PaPeRo.)

Excuse me, but can I interrupt you for a moment?

... Ah, yes, what is it?

It looks like someone is at the door for you.


It might be someone from the daycare. How about taking a look?

Well, you know, I didn't hear anything...

*doorbell rings again*

Oh dear, well then, let's take a look, shall we.

Thank you, if could please.


The weather


Yes, PaPeRo?

It's a nice day, isn't it. They said the temperature will be going up to 32 Celsius, today.

Really? It'll be hot?

Yes; in fact, the temperature inside the house has already gotten quite warm.

How about having something to drink, to avoid getting heatstroke?

Well if you say so, good little PaPeRo. Maybe I'll have some cold mugi (barley) tea.

Thank you, if you could please.