The mission of the Department of Rehabilitation Engineering is to contribute to the improvement of QOL and social participation support for persons with disabilities by developing bioengineering measurement and evaluation technologies for the function of disabilities and the technologies to replace, compensate, and recover deteriorated functions. Moreover, it aims at contributing to the development of rehabilitation engineering and the training of human resources through the promotion of these works.


As a catchphrase for "Creating technology that will fulfill dreams for persons with disabilities", we intend to introduce cutting-edge science and technology into the field of disability research. Specifically, we are carrying out research under the following four policies.

(1) Setting a leading research theme

In order to fulfill the leading role as a national research institution, we will set up a theme with future research trends in mind.

(2) Collaboration with persons with disabilities and clinical departments

The advantage of our laboratory is that it is adjacent to the clinical department and that we can contact directly with disabled parties. In grasping needs and clinically evaluating deliverables, research is advanced with the cooperation of these people.

(3) Create technologies to be used

In order to promptly return the obtained results to society, we will promote early commercialization through joint development with private enterprises.

(4) Integration and dissemination of basic data on physical characteristics of persons with disabilities

We will prepare basic data on the physical characteristics of persons with disabilities and aim to send it to the world.