Nationwide survey On the status of speech training for children with cochlear implants and development of a method of hearing and speech training

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Section 2: Profiles of individual children with cochlear implants

(Q7: Present status/Q8: Conclusion)

Q7 Currently attending
Kindergarten 17
Day care center 12
Children's class in school for the deaf 37
Elementary school 15
Class for children hearing disord. in element. school 13
Elementary class in school for the deaf 9
Junior high school 1
facilities for children with hearing disorders 23
NA 9
Q8 Conclusion
Q8-1 CI attained good results
Yes 102
No 1
Neither 16
NA 6
Q8-2 Which was better, CI or hearting aid?
CI 89
HA 0
Neither 20
NA 16
Q8-3 Efficacy of sign language before CI
advantegeous 17
not advantegeous 2
Neither 6