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Visitors from Overseas

Since establishment of NRCD in 1979 until 2016, about 10,600 people from 153 countries and 6 regions of the World visited NRCD to see activities of the Center.

Countries and Regions (1979~2016 fiscal year )
Region Number of countries Name of countries
Asia 36 countries and 4 regions Korea, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Thai, Philippines, Laos, etc.
Europe & North America 32 countries USA, UK, Sweden, Netherland, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Norway, etc.
Africa 41 countries Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Libya, etc.
Latin America and the Caribbean 32 countries Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Chile, Brazil, etc.
Oceania 12 countries and 2 regions Australia, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, etc.
Total 153 countries and 6 regions

Shots of overseas guests

July 2016
The students of the National University of Malaysia

Jun 2016
Visitors from United Arab Emirates

September 2015
WHO officer and specialists from China, England, Fiji, Hong-Kong China, Philippines and Nepal

July 2014
Duskin Leadership Training in Japan
Pakistan  Nepal  Afghanistan  Thailand

Percentage by regions 1996~2016 (fiscal year)

We started to collect data of actual number of overseas visitors from overseas since 1996 fiscal year. Total number of visitors until 2016 is about 6,180.
Percentage and number of overseas visitors are as follows.

Over 80% of visitors were from Asia (approx.5,070 visitors)
Europe 6 % (approx.350)
Latin America and the Caribbean 5% (approx.320)
Africa 3% (approx.190)
North America 2% (approx.150)
Oceania 2% (approx.100)