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NRCD has been publishing rehabilitation manuals and distributing over 30 countries and region of Asia Pacific region. You are requested to send a FAX to Office of International Cooperation for inquiry.
FAX No. 81-4-2995-3661

Title list

Prosthetics and Orthotics in Japan
Habilitation for Hearing-Impaired Young Children (PDF:3579KB)
An Introduction to Personal Adjustment for the Visually Disabled (PDF:2295KB)
Sighted Guide for Visually Disabled Persons
Low Vision Manual (PDF:943KB)
Recovery Evaluating System for Stroke Rehabilitation (PDF:2031KB)
  Addendum(PDF:69KB)(Update 09/11/13)
Computer-Assisted Gait Training (CAGT) for Hemiparetic Stroke Patients (PDF:2365KB)
Manual Function Test (MFT) and Functional Occupational Therapy for Stroke Patients (PDF:3142KB)
Wheelchair Twin Basketball Rules
10 Clean, Intermittent Catheterization (PDF:1511KB)
11 Intermittent Balloon Catheterization (PDF:1557KB)
12 Walking Training for People with Spinal Cord Injuries
13 Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for Blind Persons (PDF:4180KB)
14 Internet Access Manual for Blind and Low Vision Users
  (Note: About No,14; This is a manual of Altair for windows English version to support internet access of blind and low vision users. Web address of the Altair down load page is on the "Preface" of this manual. Since Altair is updated, users are requested to check up the latest manual in Altair's Web site. Those who have question to use the software are requested to ask through mailing list mentioned in the download page.)
15 Selection of Automobiles and Assist Divices for Persons with Physical Disablities (PDF:3892KB)
16 Instruction Manual for Twin Basketball Games (PDF:4304KB)
17 Persons with Deafblindness and Tactile Sigin Language (PDF:1831KB)
18 Manual for Adaptation of Powered Wheelchair and Operation Practice (PDF:1942KB)
19 Guide to Support for Persons with Higher Brain DysfunctionⅠ (PDF:4203KB)
20 Laundry Training for Persons with Disabilities (PDF:1518KB)
21 Assessment of Social Skills Training (PDF:1568KB)
22 Guide to Support for Persons with Higher Brain DysfunctionⅡ (PDF:3890KB)
23 Fundamentals of wheelchair seating (PDF:4203KB)
24 Pregnancy and Delivery in Women with Spinal Cord Disorders (PDF:1343KB)
25 Sports Instruction for Persons with Visual Disability-With Sound Table Tennis as an Example- (PDF:760KB)
27 Assistve Products for Persons with Dementia (PDF:1495KB)
28 Handweaving Training Manual (PDF:15851KB)
29 Manual for Bowel Management in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury (PDF:2397KB)
30 Dysphagia Rehabilitation Manual (PDF:1076KB)
31 Manual to Prepare a Brochure for Beginners of Lower Limb Prosthesis Training (PDF:2052KB)
32 Key Points for Supporting Children/Persons with Developmental Disorders in Disasters (PDF:2698KB)
33 Sports Instruction for Persons With Visual DisabilityⅡ -With Goalball as an Example- (PDF:2MB)
34 Goalball Player Equipments -Simple Methods for preparing protectors and eye shades- (PDF:978KB)